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Manuela Ornella Lavier was born on the French Riviera and grew up a few miles from the Mediterranean. After completing her studies in tourism and marketing she jumped on a plane for her first internship in Chicago were she rapidly became an asset to her organization; so much so that they extended her contract and sent her to New York. Upon completion of her mission she was “hooked” on NYC and landed a position in a respected DMC based in the heart of Manhattan where she worked under Marie Cecile Flageul for several years.
Manuela is a get-it-done personality. For her, sildenafil there are no tasks too large and no challenges she won’t take on. Precise, generic detailed oriented, and extremely efficient she will anticipate a problem, solve it, and won’t ever give up.


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3 M’s? Methodical, Masterful, Meticulous

What’s in Manuela’s purse?Her phone, ID, metrocard, an ipod playing either salsa or reggae, her money organized in value order and perfectly folded, and whichever book she is currently reading

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